The final piece of our curriculum was ordered yesterday. I'll admit – I waited until the last moment on this one, but I also knew there was a sale coming up, and let's face it – every dollar counts! That said, below I included a few links for ...
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Educational Freebies, Sales, and Giveaways

The final piece of our curriculum was ordered yesterday. I’ll admit – I waited until the last moment on this one, but I also knew there was a sale coming up, and let’s face it – every dollar counts!

That said, below I included a few links for reading when you have a minute, both encouragement for moms and fun for kids, as well as are some VERY time-sensitive offers below, so be sure to check them out if you are interested!

“When You Have Time” Reading

$100 Gift Certificate Giveaway!!

All About Learning Press is a company we have loved using over the years. Their spelling and reading programs are truly some of our favorites.

This month they are offering a BIG giveaway for a $100 gift certificate to their online store, and I don’t want you to miss it!

Save Up to 50% at Compass Classroom

From July 29th – August 5th, Compass Classroom is holding their end of summer sale (up to 50% off). We just picked up two programs for the upcoming year: Introductory Logic (for Zachary) and a brand-new release, WordUp 2 (for Kaleb).

Our family has used several of their programs, including Visual Latin, Word Up! Vocabulary, Grammar for Writers, and Grammar of Poetry. We are REALLY excited to see they are coming out with some BRAND NEW high school lectures, including Spanish 1, taught by Dwane Thomas from Visual Latin.

Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle

Until Friday, July 31st, you can grab the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle with 51 helpful resources for both beginning and seasoned homeschoolers from preschool through high school. Learn more HERE.

60 Day Trial Homeschool History

Notgrass is offering a 60-day free trial (no credit card required) of their Homeschool History program. The program features books, videos, audio and more. Start your free trial HERE.

Additional Freebies, Sales, and Giveaways 

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Summer seems like the perfect time to tackle ALL THE BOOKS that have been catching my eye. To inhale fiction like candy, if you will.

Our summer plans to sit and relax by the pool have come to a bit of a halt as our pool decided to close for the summer (I’m not going to cry), so instead we are creating cozy spaces around the house to curl up and enjoy new authors.

One thing that I have been dipping into a bit more over the last few months – audiobooks. I recently discovered Chirp (discounted audiobooks) and (get a free month here) and am still finding my groove with listening/following along with the stories.

Do you find audiobooks or paper/digital books easier to follow?

One of the difficulties I find for myself in listening to audiobooks is the ability to not drift off mentally. Also, having the same “voice” reading a story makes it difficult for me to follow a story line (especially early on) when there are character/view shifts, especially a story with multiple story lines and characters.

When I recently asked how you all felt about audiobooks on my Instagram stories, one thing became very clear to me: those who are visual learners often have a harder time with audiobooks (makes sense, doesn’t it?). There’s something for me personally about having the printed word in my hands.

That doesn’t mean, however, that I’m disliking a new venue to listen to books, especially while exercising or doing work around the house – I just have to make sure I’m paying attention..

I will say – there is one recent audiobook that I would HIGHLY recommend: The Jane Austen Society read by Richard Armitage. If you have ever seen North and South (a BBC drama), he is the perfect narrator for this story and your ears will thank you tremendously.

All that said, I’m sharing some of my top picks below along with a list of other recent reads/listens.

What I’ve Been Reading Lately: My Favorites

The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner

I started this via audiobook on (and it is fabulously read by Richard Armitage), but had to switch for a bit to the kindle version to fully grasp the many characters.

Although it is a fictionalized tale of how a small community bands together to preserve Jane Austen’s legacy and educate others on her life, the stories of the local people and how they sweetly tie-in to several of Austen’s novels is much fun to untangle. Several have lived in the community where Austen lived and wrote and others come from a distance to form a society intent to protect her home and legacy.

A wonderful read for those who enjoy both historically-based fiction and Austen. (5/5 rating)

Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton

Absolutely loved this story!

Having grown up hearing of the pre-Castro Cuba her grandmother knew, Marisol travels to see the country her grandmother dreamed of returning to. The books shifts back and forth between past and present day Cuba, seen through the eyes of Marisol and also letters written by her grandmother.

Marisol’s isn’t sure what to expect upon arriving in Cuba, but with the help of old family friends who remained in Cuba over the years, she discovers the heart of what her grandmother left behind once Castro came to power, including things her grandmother never disclosed to her family. (5/5 rating)

The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes

Historically-based fiction is always a favorite, especially when a story of friendship and love is woven in between it all.

Based in the mountains of Kentucky, the book follows the Packhorse Librarians, a group of women that brought books and other reading material to rural inhabitants. The women who volunteered for this endeavor were a random lot from varying backgrounds, eclectic at best, who quickly grew to be each other’s friends and support, especially as they were accused of many things.

When a local man is found dead, and one of the librarians accused of his murder, the town is divided in their beliefs of guilty vs. not guilty; but the librarians gather around in support, looking for any bit that will help their friend.

A story depicting the difficulties faced by women in an era where men were the undisputed heads of the family, The Giver of Stars is a hard yet redeeming look at a small town and the beauty of friendships and love. (5/5 rating)

The Paris Orphan by Natasha Lester

This is a book, that once finished, makes you want to immediately devour all books by the author. The story is heartbreaking on so many levels, but absolutely heartwarming on so many others. A definite must read. (5/5 rating)

Other Recent Reads

The Letter by Kathryn Hughes (listened via Chirp audiobooks) – 4/5 rating

The Honest Enneagram by Sarajane Case (via – 3/5 rating

Stealing Home by Sherryl Woods – 4/5 rating

American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins – 4/5 rating

What Once Was True by Jean Grainger – 4/5 rating

A Million Dreams by Dani Atkins (audiobook via Chirp) – 4.5/5 rating

Don’t Give Up by Kyle Idleman – 4/5 rating

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides – 3/5 rating

Five Presidents by Clint Hill via library audiobook – 4/5 rating

Current Book Pile

Thou Shalt Not Be a Jerk by Eugene Cho

Uneasy Lies the Crown by Tasha Alexander

A Slice of Heaven by Sherryl Woods

Love That Lasts by Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke

The Persian Gamble by Joel C. Rosenberg

So – what all are you reading these days?

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Well, this year certainly didn’t end quite as we expected. At the start of this year I had different ideas in place for how things would wrap up, especially since our ending last year went completely off the rails as well.

Different expectations for our kids and especially myself.

And then it all went haywire again.

While schools around us assigned grades after their third quarter ended, we kept at our classes and are finishing them up, much to the dismay of some kids. (Yeah, I’m mean like that.)

It has meant later mornings. More relaxed days (as in, my kids ate CAKE for breakfast one morning). But with that relaxing, the structure of our days fell apart with everyone home (including my hubby to work). Pretty much as life for everyone around us.

All that said, we are pretty much wrapped up with our school year. Zoom calls were set up to work on group classes (science and personal finance).

One child has only science to finish up (Kaleb), another has geometry and Latin (Zachary), and the last has a dissection and an exam (McKenna). Hopefully, all will be completed by the end of this week – yay!!

Meanwhile we are trying to figure out all the rest of it. The boys have been out of the water for 10 weeks now and outdoor pools are starting to warm up. Restrictions are still pretty tight in our state, but this week we were able to get the boys back in the pool and start back with some practicing using a swim tether (the kiddo in the top of the picture has it around his waist and is tethered to the diving board). While it isn’t perfect, it’s so much more than they’ve had, so we will take it until they are able to practice as a team again.

Things haven’t been ideal or how I may have envisioned, but we have still pushed on and gotten things done. Perhaps not the strongest finish, but we did it.

There are SO many more things to celebrate from our year – truly. Things that far outweigh all the “not-as-planned” and unexpected detours.

And I’m clinging to all the “good” stuff that has happened (and there is much more than this):

  • One kiddo took responsibility for incomplete work last year, restarted the subject and knocked out two years of math this year.
  • Kaleb finished All About Reading Level 4, has been working through additional books in a book bingo we set up for him, and made HUGE progress in his reading and independent work this year.
  • The joy of SHARED learning – I am so thankful we get to learn alongside our kids! Biology labs are truly the best!

And for those of you who have been asking, our oldest, Laurianna, is still serving with Mercy Ships. Her return date of end of May has already passed, and with everything happening with COVID-19, she is still on board the Africa Mercy and docked in the Canary Islands as they come up with a game plan for the upcoming year.

So – how has YOUR year been and ended?

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With many families in the midst of planning and buying homeschool curriculum for the upcoming school year, it’s helpful to see the ways in which money (and time) can be saved!

From now until May 18, 2020, the Build Your Bundle sale offers amazing savings along with well-known curriculum. It is packed full of resources for both your home and your school – a little something for everyone. 

There are SO many things in the Build Your Bundle sale that I am excited to share with you! Several of the products are ones that we have used in years past (or highly recommend), including A Journey Through Learning, BiblioPlan, See the Light Art, 1+1+1=1, The Crafty Classroom, and our own Pattern Block Bundle. I’m planning on taking advantage of several of the items myself and will be sharing my choices with you soon. 

Bundle sales can often seem overwhelming – I know! The first year of this sale, I felt completely backwards. There is so much to dig through but so many gems to find!

1. Create an Account 

Create an account and make sure you are logged in before you start shopping. That way if you leave the site and it times out, all your browsing and shopping is saved. 

Ask me how I know this is important. :)

Register HERE

Now – take a deep breath and have fun looking. Really – there is a LOT, and it is easy to get overwhelmed because of the bundle varieties. 

2. Look at the Pre-assembled Bundles

The Build Your Bundle Sale gives you some great choices – 14 pre-assembled bundles based on the ages/grades of your child or the option of putting your own bundles together. And all with some AMAZING savings. From preschool through high school to planning for school or home, there are a wide variety of bundles you will love. 

Even better, you can create your own bundle. The more you add, the more you save!

Psst – here’s a list of the best-selling bundles: 

  1. Preschool Bundle
  2. Elementary Bundle #2
  3. American Studies Bundle
  4. Kindergarten Bundle
  5. Learning to Read Bundle

3. Consider the Build Your Bundle Option

If you don’t like the bundled option, YOU CAN CREATE YOUR VERY OWN!! Choose as many products as you’d like, and the more you purchase, the more you save! 

  • ALL products are eligible for the BYO bundle, which means you can add anything you want to your BYO bundle.
  • The retail value of the bundle must reach a minimum of $100 to qualify for the discount but there are no product limitations as to how many need to be present in your chosen bundle (e.g. in the past, typically 5 or 10 individual items).

  • The price of the BYO bundle will depend on the total retail value of the products in each customers BYO bundle. The higher the total retail value, the greater the savings. Plus, if you have a coupon code, you can apply that for additional savings!
  • The savings and check-out price will be determined by the following graduated discount structure (note: no coupon code is needed, the savings is automatically applied at checkout for customer ease).

Don’t Forget the Bundle of Bonuses

Last thing – and then I promise, I’m done! Every customer receives a big ol’ bundle of bonuses – so many great coupon codes and freebies are included (you’ll love it!). 

That’s it! Time to start shopping and saving! 


The  Build Your Bundle sale ends on

May 18th at 11:59 PM CST!

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Get Ready to Build Your Bundle! Limited Time Only!

In less than a week, the 2020 Build Your Bundle homeschool sale is coming – Monday, May 11 to be exact. We are taking part again this year as a contributor (and also a purchaser) – and there are so many fabulous publishers and products to share.

There are over $5800 in prizes are up for grabs in this year’s giveaway! Plus, if you enter before the sale launches on May 11th, you’ll get a chance to win every single bundle in this years’ sale! It doesn’t get much better than that!

ENTER TO WIN HERE —-> Go do it now!! (I’ll wait.)

The Quick Details

Next week I’ll be sharing more of the full details on what we will be ordering from the sale, but in the meantime, here’s the nutshell version of what to expect: 

  • The giveaway starts May 6th and ends May 10th – Enter now
  • Each giveaway entrant receives a FREE Homeschool Mom Journal.
  • The sale runs May 11-May 18, 2020. 
  • There are some GREAT changes to the sale this year – making it so much easier! 
  • Each day there will be additional giveaways!! (YAY!!)

I’m still going through all of the items myself, but am really excited about some of the new publishers and items being offered (and you will be too!), especially since it’s a chance for me to save money on next year’s curriculum and try some products I’ve been eyeing!

The Giveaways & the Freebie!

The main giveaway starts May 6, 2020. All entrants from that point forward are eligible for ANY of the prizes below until they are given out.  

Look at the other giveaways happening throughout the sale:

  • All Build Your Bundle Curated Bundles – $1,935.44
  • (4) CTCMath Family Memberships – $297
  • Techie Homeschool Mom MEGA Bundle – $200
  • (10) Handwriting Patch Books – $12.99
  • (5) Reading Patch Teach First Grade Memberships – $240
  • All About Learning Press $100 Gift Certificate – $100
  • (8) Kerry Beck How to Start Your Own Business for Family & Teens – $97
  • (5) Kerry Beck Christian Leadership Education 12-Week Course – $57
  • (2) The Multi’ Taskin Mom My Character Matters Family Bundle – $55


FREE Homeschool Mom Journal

Along with your entry into the main giveaway, each entrant will receive a Homeschool Mom Journal to download. It is beautiful – and FREE! 


There’s SO MUCH more to share, but that’s it for today! 


For now, enter the giveaway,

grab your freebie!



The 7th Annual Build Your Bundle sale launches on May 11th at 9:00 AM Central!



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