Today's newsletter features the final installment of our Speak the Names, Tell the Stories Series. Each article summarizes the accomplishments of one of four founding members of Washington, DC's performing arts community — artists of color who built institutions and provided opportunity and inspiration to young Black artists in the 1960s through ’80s. Have a read and learn more about their accomplishments:

And special thanks to LeeAnét Noble, Director of Equity and Belonging at Shakespeare Theatre Company, for collecting the stories shared in these articles. LeeAnét and her mother, artist Lauretta Malloy, spoke to dozens of local artists about their experiences with these individuals. In reading these stories, I learned about leadership and dedication, about building a tent and inviting others into it. Collie, Hooks, Malone, and Reed each had a vision that made room for all, and they each left our community better than they found it. We speak their names and tell their stories.

Nicole Hertvik

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