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    The A&P Professor
    Tips, tricks, content updates, resources, reviews, and gratuitous silliness for teachers of human anatomy and physiology.

    The A&P Student
    Tips for making the learning of anatomy and physiology faster, more efficient, and way more fun!

    The Electronic Professor
    Selecting the best tools to use in college teaching and learning and developing best practices in using these tools.

    Lion Tamers Guide to Teaching
    All I need to know about teaching I learned as a lion tamer.

    Anatomy & Physiology
    Author's notes and tips for teaching with PATTON Anatomy & Physiology text

    Structure & Function of the Body
    Author's notes, insights, tips for teaching with PATTON Structure & Function of the Body

    The Human Body in Health & Disease
    The Human Body in Health & Disease

    Lion Den
    Updates, news, and random information about Lion Den (the website)

    The Textbook Author
    Tips, tools, and notes on the practical side of being an academic text author.

    Tips and trivia regarding the language of human science and medicine.

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